Best guides to look for to score excellent marks in CBSE

The time is almost up and everyone has started collecting the books and study material for the CBSE. Now, the time has come when you should get serious and start the preparation in your top gear. The time of the CBSE is almost here and if you are still short CBSE guide for preparation then don’t worry we have got covered. In order to help you with your CBSE examination, we have researched and found out the best books or guides that you should have to get the excellent marks in your 10th or 12th board. As there is an endless number of publications offering thousands of books that promise you the success it is quite difficult the right one. So, just read the below, names of the books that we have selected and jump in the battle with the right tools.

Mathematics Books For 10th and 12th

Math the most haunted subject for most of the students but at the same time it is subject that could help in scoring the maximum marks. If you do your preparation right, you can score full marks in every answer. So, mathematics is the subject that requires going through rigorous practice and trying questions of the harder level. In order to prepare yourself for CBSE math paper, you should go for R.D. Sharma part 1 and 2. The book contains the question that will help in learning the best ways to solve any problem. The other books that we suggest in the R.S. Agrawal, the boom is very good if you are looking for the quick method to prepare yourself.

English Books for 10th and 12th

There are many students who didn’t think that they need a reference book for the English. But, no it’s not right after math English the second subject that could help you in increasing your overall marks possibilities. If you want to understand the chapters and poems in detail and enhance your grammatical skills then you should go to the NCERT books. The Flamingo and Vistas will be enough for you to prepare your literature part. In order to improve your writing and reading section, you must solve the practice papers containing previous 10 years papers.


Chemistry Books for 10th and 12th Students

Chemistry is the subject that requires the students to give some time for learning out the concepts. There is number of students who think chemistry is the toughest subject just because they were referring to wrong books. You don’t need to look here there for the Chemistry preparation the more books you look for the more confused you will get. The NCERT is the only book you need for your preparation, you will get all the logic and concepts in the book with a detailed description. Try to solve Together with Chemistry questions as much as you can. Chemistry NCERT book contains the level of questions and syllabus need to prepare for the IIT also.

Biology Books for 10th and 12th Students

Again if you are looking for the biology book then you must have the NCERT, the book contains all the topics, diagrams and everything you need. Biology is the subject that requires learning diagrams the most and NCERT have lots of them. The reason we are suggesting you the NCERT is that the book is designed and offered by CBSE itself. You can also go for the last 10 years question papers to make sure that you are prepared for the exam. There is no need to waste your money on unnecessary books from other publishers in biology.