Five Important Characteristics of Big Data

Big data is seriously a big thing. It has the capacity to change the world completely and is here to stay for long. The relevance of big data is gradually increasing across a wide range of sectors. With this increasing relevance, the demand for big data has also risen worldwide. Analysis of data is needed for making the right decisions and thus the need and demand for professionals dealing with big data and data science is on a rise. There is a wide gap in the demand and supply in this industry. To fill this gap, various companies offer courses in big data analytics and data sciences,

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Big data analytics are the tools which act as software supporting the predictive and prescriptive analysis that companies run on various computing platforms. Basically, these tools allow the companies to analyze their data and statistics within the ambit of real-time window. They also offer various data mining techniques which can help an organization analyze data and discover relatable patterns. Big data is generally the raw data which a company might have collected through various means and can later be analyzed and used for increasing the efficiency of the organization.

Big data is usually described using its five Vs.


As the name suggests, big data is supposed to be big enough. This size of the big data is here is measured by its characteristic volume. Data is expanding in every field and this requires us to manage the big data in an efficient manner. You’ll agree with the fact that large amounts of data is being created every moment. Billions of emails, texts, videos, audio, etc. that we send every day constitute this big data. Technologies using big data allow organizations to store this large amount of data using distributed systems and creating efficient use.


Velocity in the context of big data relates to two things. One, the speed at which the data is being generated and two, the speed at which this data is being analyzed and digested within the real time frame. Big data techniques can take care of all these needs and help companies analyse and use the data as it is being generated without much time delay or distributed storage.


With the increase in velocity and volume of data, the diversity of data is also increasing. Now a days, there is a huge variety of data which can be put to varied use by the organizations. Big data and associated techniques allow us to take care of all the different types of data without much hassle. It also helps organizations collect all the unstructured form of data and present it into a structured format.


By veracity we mean the trustworthiness of the big data. With the kind of sources we are considering for collecting the raw data, we cannot trust the accuracy and truthfulness of the data. Big data techniques help us in this. We all know that the quality and accuracy of such data is uncontrollable, but with the advanced big data techniques we can work with ease with these kind of diverse and low accuracy data.


Anything if not turned into its value is useless. It is crucial that all the data you are using helps you attain some goal or the other for your organization. Thus, this is the most important characteristics of big data.

For understanding big data and its characteristics in detail, you should take a course in it.